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Aged Care: What if My Parent Doesn't Speak English?

If you are looking for an aged care home for a loved one but are concerned about their level of English proficiency, then be assured that you are not alone. 

Here are some ideas to help you find ideal aged care home for your loved one.

Ethno-Specific Aged Care Homes

Australia’s aged care system recognises the need for facilities which cater to people from ethnic backgrounds, not just linguistically but culturally.

Ethno-specific aged care facilities refer to facilities which cater for a particular ethnic group. At an ethno-specific facility the staff will be proficient in the languages required for the facility and have an understanding of the cultural needs of that group.     

Ask for Multi-lingual Staff

When looking at potential aged care homes, explain your parent/s level of English proficiency. The home may have some staff members who speak the language you are looking for, or may have training relevant to working with residents who come from an ethnic background. Many aged care facilities have multi-lingual care staff working.

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Article posted:Aug 1, 2019
Category: Finding care


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