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Gift Ideas for a loved one in Aged Care

When visiting your loved one in a residential aged care home, a small gift can brighten their room and also brighten up their day. 

Here are some common ideas for a gift in a nursing home:

Flowers and Pot Plants

A small amount of greenery can brighten any room and can add a personal touch to their bedroom. Choose their favourite flower or a colour you know they will like in their room and leave it by the window or displayed so your loved one can easily see it.

Large print books

If your loved one is a bookworm but is struggling to see fine print clearly, then a large print book may be an ideal gift for them. Popular novels are sometimes reprinted in larger font, making them easier to read for those with poor eyesight. As at your local bookstore for large print editions. 


If you know your loved one is not afraid to conquer some new technology, than an electronic reading device such as a Kindle or an iPad can be a great gift. Electronic readers are ideal for seniors since less mobility is required, to turn a page all they need to do is press a button. E-readers are also able to adjust the size of the font and how many words appear per page.

Pampering set

An inexpensive gift idea is a pampering set. Fill a basket with scented soaps, oils, shower gels, moisturisers and creams in your loved ones preferred scent for them to enjoy in their new home.  

Framed photos

A framed photo of family and friends are always welcome to be displayed on chests of drawers or any other appropriate furniture in the room. Most aged care homes allow frames to be hung on the walls (although it is a good idea to call and double check), a large wooden frame with a few family photos is a great way to bring a smile to your loved ones face.

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Article posted:Sep 1, 2019
Category: Moving into aged care


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