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Private Aged Care

Private Aged Care is a great option for those needing immediate care, whether in their own home or in a residential aged care home.

Private Aged Care offers all the same services you'd expect from aged care - the only difference is that you pay for the services yourself, rather than waiting for government funding. 

No means testing or ACAT assessments

Accessing Private Aged Care requires no means testing, nor an ACAT assessment that nursing homes require.

The financial capacity to fully fund the initial lease purchase, and a modest weekly income approximately equal to the ‘Maximum Base Pension’, is often all that may be required.

Additionally, if a resident is already receiving government funded care benefits before moving to a Private Aged Care provider, there is the potential they will retain that funding.

The cost of Private Home Care may vary depending on the service provider. It is important to research the fees and any additional charges before enlisting the help of a private home care provider. 

Planned and emergency care

Private Aged Care offers experienced carers who are well trained, trustworthy and sensitive to the needs of your loved one. They can support your loved one to remain independent and comfortable in their home.

Fully qualified and experienced carers are available day and night to provide all levels of care in the privacy of the resident’s home. The services covered in Private Aged Care can be of a clinical nature, including:

  • administering medication
  • checking wounds
  • taking blood samples, and
  • checking vital signs

Residents requiring care can choose the level of assistance they require. For many, Private Aged Care means residents pay based only on the services they use; not on the basis of their assets or income. 

A care assessment will determine the level of care a resident needs, such as: independent living; private short term care; private low or high care; private dementia care; and private palliative care.

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Article posted:Nov 28, 2019
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