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Top Reasons to Care for Ageing Parents at Home

Research shows that the benefits to ageing in home aren’t just for the seniors. It makes things easier for the entire family – think of it as a new spin on ‘happy mum happy child’.

Helping loved ones age at home requires planning. But once you have a good team in place it is easier and more affordable than ever before. 

Listed below are some of the benefits to ageing in home:

1. Home care is personalised

Because it takes place in your loved one’s home it is tailored to their needs, routine, lifestyle and food tastes (and those of their family members). This means the person gets to continue to decide how and when they do things rather than having to follow a more regimented daily routine, as would happen in a residential aged care facility.

2. Ageing in home is therapeutic

Decisions about care often arise when a loved one is in hospital recovering from an illness or fall. Research shows that there is no better place to heal than at home, particularly if a health issue is chronic or recurring. The familiar and comforting environment of home promotes recovery and is the shown to both make healing faster and reduce the chance of rehospitalisation.

3. Ageing in home fosters community involvement

Living at home allows your loved one to continue to be involved in their community – even if assistance is needed to do so. They can continue to access their usual shops and places that are important to them and interact with familiar people. 

4. In-home care is accessible

Thanks to technology, ageing in home is easier to support than ever before. Your carers can be chosen to help with tasks such as cooking, caring and cleaning. There are many gadgets to support people to age in home such as movement sensors, smart pill boxes and automatic pill delivery systems. Health data and care related information can efficiently be shared on electronic devices among health care professionals and family members. 

Finding good people to support your loved one to stay at home is a great starting point. 

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Article posted:Sep 19, 2019
Category: Finding care


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