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Greek Aged Care and Home Care

Finding an aged care home or home care provider catering to Greek culture is a very important factor when searching for aged care options for older Greek-Australians. Many Greek people came to Australia in the 1940’s and are now approaching the age where they may need home care or residential aged care.

This means it is important for families to find aged care providers that have the ability to provide care and accommodation for older Greek-Australians, and that have workers who speak Greek and understand Greek culture. 

As people get older, especially if they live with dementia, it is very common that they will return to speaking their native language and completely forget any languages they may have learned throughout their lives. Being able to communicate in Greek with their carers will make them feel much more comfortable, whether they receive care in their own home or in a residential setting.

Being able to find an aged care home who can cater to the religious, dietary and other cultural aspects is very important for Greek families.

For more than 40 years, Fronditha Care has provided Greek-specific aged care for seniors in metropolitan Victoria and more recently Newcastle in New South Wales.  

Rooted in Greek heritage and culture, Fronditha Care provides the highest quality individualised care in environments that feel like home, where Greek-Australians can chat with their fellow residents in their own language and communicate with staff members who understand and appreciate their cultural background.

At Fronditha Care, residents and clients are celebrated for the unique lives they have lived in both Greece and Australia.

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Article posted:Nov 4, 2021
Category: Finding care


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