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Finding Aged Care Accommodation on Short Notice

What can you do if you need to find suitable aged care accommodation in a short amount of time? Perhaps as little as 28 days? Bertha and her family found themselves in this situation when the Supported Residential Services (SRS) facility Bertha had been living at decided to close.

Bertha is 91 years old and has been living in a Supported Residential Services (SRS) facility for five years.

One day she discovers that the SRS is closing and she will have to move. Her family is nearby and can help her move to a new facility, but they have only 28 days to find alternative accommodation.

The family start to look around for appropriate aged care in their area, but become increasingly worried and frustrated as they find every facility they contact has bond levels they cannot afford.

Since Bertha moved into the SRS facility she has been paying weekly fees for five years and her assets have been depleted. This leaves her only nominal funds to pay a RAD or DAP in an aged care facility.

Worried and stressed, the family contacted My Care Path who with their knowledge of the industry, were able to present three facilities with available beds that were prepared to take the lower RAD level and also met the other criteria Bertha required.

The family with Bertha visited the facilities that were suggested and within a matter of days were able to select a facility of their choice.


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Article posted:Jun 23, 2019
Category: Making the decision


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