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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of selling your home?

They say,  "Home is where the Heart is…”  That is why it is so hard to untangle your heart strings from the family home!

Selling the family home is one of the most stressful things that you can go through in life.  As we age, moving gets harder.   

Moving a loved one into residential aged care or retirement living can be a time sensitive matter, which can also include the opinions of many family members. It can be a daunting task. Where do you start, and how will you know if you are making the right decisions? 

Anxiety can run quite high for not only the loved ones that are trying to assist, but for the family member that is actually facing the move and a major lifestyle change. 

Often times they have been in their home for 20 to 40 years or more.  This is a VERY BIG move. Besides emotions running high, it is often times the largest asset, which can bring added financial pressure. It is critical for this sale to run smoothly and to attract every dollar possible. 

Property Home Base offers a FREE service which provides you with an independent, non-biased, professional property expert (Vendor Advocate) to assist you through this stressful period.  Besides saving you time, we will reduce the stress and ensure that you are making well informed choices by advising you from beginning to end, holding your hand every step of the way.  We are proud partners of My CarePath….because we care.

We offer a FREE, no-hassle in-home consultation, at a time that suits you, where we can explain how the service works (and why it is free), or you may like to download our ebook The Risky Business of Selling Your Home.

Your buyers will only get one chance to get their first impression of your home. We will advice you what needs to be done (and what doesn’t) to present your home perfectly to the market.  We will do this carefully weighing out cost vs profit, balanced with the time involved to get the job done.  We have access to tradesmen, cleaners, stylists and staging companies and can manage the entire project for you.

We will provide you with our independent valuation to ensure you are basing your future decisions on the correct amount.  This figure will always be conservative to ensure that you are left financially safe.

We will assist you with the preparation of your Section 32 (Vendors Statement) and make recommendations to local Legal Representatives that can complete the Contract of Sale.

A professional selling agent can add thousands to your end result and sale price.  We will interview these Agents (usually three) with – or without you.  The choice is yours.  We ask questions in this interview from the vantage point of having worked within the real estate industry ourselves, and having an intimate knowledge of how sales should be  managed. 

The team at Property Home Base have all been selling agents in the past, and this knowledge offers you a huge advantage. We will ensure that the style of the sale (Auction, Private Sale, Set Sale, Tender), is set up to suit you and that it will provide you with your best results for your area. We will ensure that the marketing and advertising campaigns are run smoothly and to time.  We will give our advice on who you should select and why, but the final decision is always yours.  

Once selected, the agent then reports directly to us throughout the campaign. This eliminates continuous, un-timely calls that are often calls to condition you during the sales campaign.  In short, we make sure that the agents are doing what they said they would do, and on time. We report back to you with real facts and numbers, along with advice. We project manage your sale, so you can get on with all of the other things that need to be done.

If the property is going to auction, we assist you and guide you in setting your reserve price and attend the auction to be with you on the day.

If it is a Private Sale, Set Sale, or Tender, we are present when any/all offers are submitted to advise negotiations. This can also include advice on your preferred settlement date to assist with a smooth transition.

Once sold, we assist you right through to settlement date to ensure that the move is as comfortable as possible.

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