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What Is Consumer Directed Care (CDC)?

on Monday, November 14, 2016

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a new model of home care service delivery that is designed to give more choice and flexibility to consumers. If you or your loved one receive a Home Care Package, you will now have more control and flexibility over the types of services and care you access – as well as deciding who delivers the services and when.

Consumer Directed Care was first introduced to all new Home Care Packages in 2013. Since July 1 2015, both new and existing Home Care Packages are delivered using the CDC model.

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With Consumer Directed Care, you or your loved one will now:

  • Have more say in the care and services you access
  • Be able to choose how your home care services are delivered
  • Be able to choose your preferred home care provider
  • Develop an individually tailored care plan with your chosen home care provider
  • Have a greater choice and understanding about how your Home Care Package funds are spent
  • If your care needs change, you will have the flexibility to change the services you receive through your Home Care Package (you may need to be reassessed by an ACAT/ACAS if your care needs change drastically)

Other changes to Home Care Packages:

From February 2017, Home Care Packages will be allocated directly to you or your loved one as the consumer, rather than to the home care providers*. This means that you will have a range of choices when it comes to choosing the home care provider who delivers your care.

Home Care Packages will also be able to be moved between home care providers. If you or your loved one move to a different area that your current provider doesn’t service, you will be able to take your Home Care Package with you and choose a new local home care provider.

Find out more about the different Home Care Package levels:

*Your Home Care Package funds will be allocated to and essentially managed by your chosen home care provider. If you change home care providers, the funds will be transferred to your new provider. 

Find out more in Your Guide to Home Care.

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