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Music Therapy Unlocks Memory Through Song

on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

They say music is good for the soul, but it is also proving good for the brain. 

Already well documented by various studies, music has been proven to assist with memory, cognition and wellbeing of elderly residents across a range of conditions including dementia.

With this in mind, Braemar Village in Willagee has been undertaking a series of music workshops that are showing real results for those in Braemar’s care, helping unlock memories and improve communication.

The workshops see a mixture of residents, with different levels of cognitive conditions, unlocking their musical talents in a safe and inviting environment. Established by Braemar Activities Co-ordinator Chris Thomas, the workshops have proven to be a simple yet effective way to help residents live a full and engaged life.

“This type of music workshop is showing good results, and it seems to be working across a wide range of residents with varying conditions. I’ve been able to set this up quickly and in an affordable manner using my phone and a Bluetooth speaker,” comments Thomas.

“Residents have been guessing their favourite songs, helping unlock memories and improve memory retention. I do not have a singing voice but we all sing along to their favourite artists which makes for a fun and engaging environment. We have brought in the musical instruments which brings angle into the interaction to create an engaging environment.”

Braemar CEO Wayne Belcher says that Braemar’s relationship-centred approach is a fundamental element that allows the Braemar staff to think outside the box to assist residents.

“For 65 years, Braemar has been creating a relationship-centred approach to resident’s wellbeing. This approach is based on our core values of Care and Friendship. It allows our staff to think broadly about how they can best service the needs and wants of our clients,” comments Belcher.

“Everyone loves music. Just because someone is diagnosed with dementia or another cognitive condition, doesn’t mean they lose their love of music. This kind of activity allows us to help unlock memories in a fun and enjoyable way, making a real improvement to quality of life.”

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