Heart Warming: Knitted Blankets for the Homeless

on the Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Residents, staff and volunteers of Resthaven Aberfoyle Park are continuing their project of knitting warm woollen blankets for the homeless. The initiative started back in early 2019, and continues to go from strength to strength.

Acting Lifestyle Coordinator, Nav Kaur, says, "Working with donated wool, residents knit squares and lengths, which are then sewn together."

"Last year, we made eight blankets, which we personally delivered to homeless people in and around the Adelaide city centre to ward against the winter cold."

"This year, we are aiming to double our efforts, and make 16 blankets."

"We have already finished 13, so I like our chances!"

"Residents often knit together in the hall, but continue knitting in their rooms, the communal areas, during art and craft, and in the ladies group."

"When the project started, our initial aim was to complete four blankets, but the group just kept on knitting!"

"It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and community spirit of our wonderful site community."

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