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Nancy and Nadia Form Close Friendship at Resthaven Community Group

on the Monday, November 22, 2021

Nancy and Nadia have found a close friendship through social groups offered to them at Resthaven Paradise and Eastern Community Services. When visiting Nancy and Nadia at Resthaven’s newest respite house, Alexandra Cottage, it was clear that these two friends are joined at the hip.

"We met about a year ago, through Ladies Group, which is what we’re doing here! We both love knitting and we got to chatting one day," says Nadia.

"We obviously can’t go long without each other, we go to Ladies Group once a week, and then later in the week we go to our exercise group!"

Nancy and Nadia enjoyed an afternoon at 61 Alexandra Avenue, Toorak Gardens, for the first official day respite visit.

"We meet at the café for Ladies Group usually, but this is a great alterative for us when we just want to relax without all the noise. It’s like we’re hanging out at a friend’s house!"

Nancy shares why she appreciates her services with Resthaven.

"The house can get busy with the kids and that - when I need quiet time, I go to Resthaven."

"There’s such a need for social groups when you get older - it can get lonely."

Nancy also receives Home Support services through Resthaven.

"You can often feel like you are not listened to, or taken into consideration when you’re older, but Resthaven always makes me feel respected."

Respite services and social support are important elements of the care that Resthaven brings to people living in the community.

Community respite is available in small groups, overnight at a respite cottage, or individual support in people’s homes. 

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