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Marg Assists with Breast Cancer Recovery

on the Wednesday, April 27, 2022

On Mother’s Day, we recognise the important work that many local communities provide to women everywhere. The Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula is just one of many clubs in Zonta International, who believe in supporting women’s issues and advocating for women’s rights.

Resthaven Chiton Retirement Living resident, Marg Dent, has been a proud ‘Zontian’ since 1978, and assists in organising the much needed Zonta Breast Care Cushions.

"I feel passionate about this project and I’m happy that I can be involved in something that supports women, and men, who go through breast cancer surgery," says Marg.

"These patients have undergone extensive surgery, then have to endure the post-operative process, which can be difficult."

"During the healing phase, the cushions have a very comforting effect on patients, especially when sleeping. When placed under a seatbelt, the cushioning eases the pain when travelling. Tucked inside a blouse, or shirt, protects you from bumps and elbows when shopping."

"Our club provides between 300-400 cushions to the Flinders Medical Centre each year, and we have been making them for approximately 24 years. Each package includes a small, handwritten card to wish them well in their recovery."

"We receive some beautiful letters of thanks, and some include a small donation towards our costs, which is always appreciated."

Marg saw an opportunity to bring this awareness to her community at Resthaven Chiton Retirement Living, further extending the Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula.

"Management and fellow residents were pleased for us to hold our cutting out days at the Lakehouse here at Chiton, for which we are very appreciative."

"It would probably take up to two hours to cut out, fill, stitch, embroider, and package each cushion, so the more help we receive, the more we can make."

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