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What is an Aged Care Placement Service?

on Thursday, November 30, 2023

An aged care placement service is a company or organisation that helps people find the right aged care place and service for their unique individual needs. They can assist with finding residential aged care care, in-home care and respite care services. 

Aged care placement services can be helpful for people who are:

  • Not sure what type of aged care is right for them
  • Having difficulty finding a suitable aged care provider
  • Need help navigating the aged care system

The services offered by aged care placement services vary, but they typically include:

  • Assessment of the person's needs
  • Information and advice about different types of aged care
  • Support and advocacy during the placement process
  • Shortlisting suitable aged care services
  • Explaining fees and charges within aged care
  • Negotiating options and fees as your advocate
  • Assistance with Centrelink and admission paperwork
  • Support accessing and understanding ‘My Aged Care’

In Australia, the three main types of aged care services are:

  • In-home care/support at home: This type of care is provided in the person's own home. It can include personal care, home help, and nursing care.
  • Residential care: This type of care is provided in a residential aged care facility. It can include all levels of care, from low-care to high-care.
  • Short-term care/respite care: This type of care is provided for a short period of time, such as when the person is recovering from an illness or injury. It can be provided in a residential aged care facility or in the person's own home.

My Care Path helps elderly Australians, their carers and families, navigate, select and access the best aged care to meet their needs. Whether considering government or privately funded options, home care, residential aged care or retirement living, My Care Path will support you at every step.

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