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The Central West region covers over 300,000 kilometres and borders South Australia and the Northern Territory.

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It is an outback region and despite its vast size has a population of barely more than 12,000.

It provides a relaxed, country lifestyle and is ideal for people who prefer the heat thanks to its semi-arid climate.

Temperatures can reach over 40 degrees Celsius in summer, meaning an average maximum winter temperature can be 23 degrees. Resulting in refreshing mornings and little rainfall.

The region is also referred to as the Channel Country and is stretches across Queensland into South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. Major towns in the region include Birdsville and Windorah.

The arid landscape inspired Banjo Paterson’s ballads, the Central West is the place to discover the essence of the Outback. It’s the place of wide sweeping landscapes, bush tucker and the pioneering years.

The region is 13 hours to Brisbane by car and two and a half hours by plane.

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