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Victoria – The Place to Be

Victoria is Australia’s smallest mainland state but has the second largest population of any state in Australia.

Victoria has a population of 5 million with over 70% of those people living in Melbourne, the state capital.

Leading regional centres outside of Melbourne include Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

Due to its size regional centres are within easy reach from metropolitan areas.

Looking for Aged Care, Home Care or Retirement Villages in Victoria?

Victoria as Australia’s most densely populated state has a range of residential aged care, home care and retirement village options including:

Good to Know: Climate, Cost of Living and Culture


Victoria’s climate varies depending on the region, although generally the state has a mild climate. Winters range from cool to cold, summers are warm to hot and spring in general is warm and sunny.

The average daily maximum temperature for Melbourne in the middle of winter is 14 degrees and 25 degrees in the height of summer.

Cost of Living

Melbourne consistently ranks highly in international research on liveable cities and the cost of living in Melbourne is generally higher than living in other regional cities in Australia.


Victoria is a multicultural state, with almost one quarter of the population born overseas.

A significant amount of Victorians also have at least one parent who was born overseas, meaning more than two per cent (and almost 30 per cent of Melburnians) speak a language other than English at home.

The most common groups of people born outside Australia are people from China, the United Kingdom, Italy, Vietnam, New Zealand and Greece. 

Lifestyle and Recreation

Melbourne is known as Australia’s arts and sporting capital, with world-renowned museums, festivals, galleries, shopping strips and restaurants.

There’s something on at all times of the year for entertainment, including concerts, comedy festivals, theatre productions and international sporting events. Some of the many famous sporting events include:

Other famous cultural events include:

There are also many galleries, dance productions, theatre shows plus many pubs, cafes and clubs to keep you entertained all throughout the state. Victoria's multi-cultural population means access to food from all around the world when dining out.

There are also many farmers markets selling fresh local produce in Melbourne and regional Victoria.