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Multiple Sclerosis Care

In-home care for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) means getting help and support while staying at your own home. MS is a condition that affects the nervous system, making it hard for people to do everyday things. In-home care is designed to make life easier for those with MS.

This type of care includes different things:

Personal Care

This involves assistance with activities like bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom. Caregivers can help you with these tasks when MS makes it challenging.

Medication Management

Sometimes, people with MS need to take various medicines. In-home caregivers can remind you to take your medicines at the right times.

Mobility Help

MS might make it difficult to move around. Caregivers can help you move from one place to another, use a wheelchair if needed, or set up equipment that aids mobility.

Household Tasks

Doing chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry can be tough with MS. Caregivers can lend a hand in these tasks to keep your living space comfortable.


MS can sometimes make you feel lonely. In-home caregivers can provide company, chat with you, and engage in activities you enjoy.

Medical Support

If you need medical care at home, professionals can come to your place to provide treatments or therapies.

In-home care is flexible, meaning it can be tailored to your specific needs. It helps you maintain your independence while getting the assistance you require. It also gives peace of mind to family members knowing that you're well taken care of.

In-home care for MS is about making your life more manageable, comfortable, and connected while staying in the place you call home.

Home Care Package Levels:

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