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HammondCare Caulfield

Part of HammondCare

HammondCare Caulfield offers unparalleled residential care for people of frail age or living with dementia, including those with complex clinical needs.

The campus is set in beautifully landscaped surrounds and comprises two areas Caulfield Village and The Glens, with both offering a range of accommodation styles to suit different needs.

HammondCare Caulfield can cater for a wide range of different needs, offering a continuum of care as residents’ needs change over time.

The Glens is located adjacent to Caulfield Village, and provides frail aged and complex care for the frail aged and those living with dementia. It consists of two levels, Glen Eira (ground floor) and Glen Huntly (first floor).

Caulfield Village has been specially designed to provide best practice dementia care and complex care across single-level cottages. Each cottage has been thoughtfully designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for people, and their families, living with dementia.


HammondCare offers a range of accommodation alternatives that reflect our approach to create a feeling of home and belonging.

Every aspect of Caulfield Village has been specially designed to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for people living with dementia. The design features in each cottage include:

• Uniquely decorated memory boards are located at the entrance to residents’ rooms, providing a sense of connection, warmth and familiarity
• All rooms are spacious, well-maintained and have a calming colour palette to create a warm and inviting ambience for residents.
• The bathroom is located in direct line of sight from the bed and is easily identifiable with a wall light above
• All toilet seats are contrasted in colour to the bowl to help with depth and perception
• Bedroom doors are offset to minimise the likelihood of residents walking into someone else’s room
• All taps are colour-coded for safety and identification
• The interiors feature varied finishes on surfaces and subdued calming colours to minimise confusion
• There is direct line of sight from the entry of bedrooms to the sunrooms, living rooms and kitchen, to help with way-finding and decision making.

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Daily Accommodation Payments
Refundable Accommodation Deposit
$98.13 $0 (No Deposit)
$49.06 $440,000 (50%)
$0 $880,000 (100%)

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