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A Uniting AgeWell Home Care Package enables you to keep doing the things you enjoy and stay connected to your community.

Uniting AgeWell will work with you to tailor your services.  The level of involvement you have in designing and managing your package is up to you.

Government-funded Home Care Packages are provided in four levels, with different funding for each, from basic care and support needs through to high level care and support.

There are many ways Uniting AgeWell can support you at home:

  • Personal care - including help with showering, dressing, mobility, meal preparation
  • Domestic and personal support - including help with household chores, gardening, home maintenance and modifications
  • Transport - including for shopping, medical appointments, social outings
  • Clinical care - including nursing, medication management, wound care, allied health and other therapies
  • Other services in the community including for shopping, medical appointments, social outings

Benefits of a Uniting AgeWell Home Care Package

  • More hours dedicated to care and services
  • Low administration costs
  • Client advisory service, with the first home visit free
  • Skilled physiotherapists available to develop a health and wellness plan just for you
  • Skilled nurses, for when you need clinical advice and support
  • Trusted services delivered by local people

Please contact Uniting AgeWell on the phone number above to find out more today.

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Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Wisdom: Rachel's Journey with Uniting AgeWell

on Monday, September 18, 2023

In a world bustling with the energy of the young, Rachel Martin has discovered a unique source of inspiration – the stories and wisdom of older individuals. Their tales, gathered through the tapestry of years, hold an inexplicable allure for her. While she finds it challenging to pinpoint the exact reasons behind this connection, one thing remains certain: Rachel's fervour to make a difference in the lives of seniors burns passionately.

82-Year-Old Wilma Inspires Others Through Art, Faith and Resilience

on Saturday, February 18, 2023

"Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve." These words perfectly capture the essence of award-winning artist Wilma Plozza-Green, who chooses to display her heart on her walls. A visit to her cozy home in Footscray reveals a profound glimpse into what truly matters to her.

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